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5 Easy Steps to Make Moving Day Easier

June 29, 2017

Step #1: Get Organized and Research Moving Companies
Moving is an exciting new step and keeping everything organized is key to make the transition better and keep the stress out of the door. It is important to know what is important to keep and what can be donated. Research what moving company is better and works for your budget. With all the new changes, it is important to stay in budget. Begin organizing dates and always keep a notebook to stay organized.

Step #2: Start Packing Non-essentials
Begin by packing what is not essential for your everyday routine. Pack clothing that you know you won’t be using for a while, extra silverware, pictures, etc. Begin by packing what you know it’s okay to have in boxes and that you won’t miss for a couple of days. It is important to label all of your boxes and to keep record of what you have already packed.

Steps #3: Strategize on your food, and supplies
Now that you are moving, it is important to make sure to strategize on the amount of food that you are going to buy. Don’t over stock your refrigerator, nor begin to buy things for your new home. Getting excited is inevitable, but it’s important to make sure that you have enough food without having later to throw it away or to purchase things that are only going to make you get out of your budget. Start purchasing boxes, labels and other supplies that will make moving easier and more organized.

Step #4: Begin Talking to your land loner and to Businesses
If you are moving from a rental it is important to talk to your land loner or to let management know that you are ready for a new change in your life. It is also important to inform the change of address to get your bills and other information directed to your new place and to not lose all your important contacts.

Step#5: Invite Friends and Family to your new home
Move in day is here and it is exciting! Invite your family and friends to help you move in and settle to your new place. Allow them to be part of this transition and to make them feel welcomed since day one. Moving everything can be a long and tiring process, allow some help and make this transition one to remember.