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Meet the Neighbors: Tips for Breaking the Ice

January 2, 2016

Finding the perfect apartment to call home is not just about the space you’re getting or the amenities offered. Consider the community surrounding your new home. Building a healthy relationship with your neighbors early on can positively influence your living situation. They’ll always be there to help with a cup of sugar or watch your pets while you’re away. Your new neighbors could even become long-standing friends. While the process may be awkward at first, take these tips into considerations when meeting your apartment community.

For the Socialite

If you live for playing host, make your mark in a new neighborhood by hosting a get-together. Ask your building manager about organizing a social event. Take advantage of the apartment complex pool or clubhouse as those are perfect areas to set your party. Making the event a potluck or block party will encourage other neighbors to interact, too. Use the opportunity to introduce yourself and socialize. You’ll find neighbors that you’re most compatible in no time.

For the Introvert

If you prefer individual encounters over hosting small social events, focus on meeting your neighbors one at a time. Bake some goodies for your closest neighbors, because nothing breaks the ice like the smell of freshly baked cookies. For the more distance neighbors, introduce yourself when you run into them during an elevator ride or in the parking lot. The key is to make a habit out of saying hello when you see them and to make small talk. Whether you’re new to the area or a long-living resident, there’s plenty of conversation to be made about local hot spots or restaurants to try. It could serve as to a lead for a future hangout with them. Centered on Community Santa Anna Apartment Homes feels strongly about fostering and maintaining a happy apartment community. That’s why we host planned resident activities and offer plenty of entertainment opportunities, whether they be outdoor or indoor activities. For information and questions on our Calendar of Events and amenities, call us at (956)678-4444.