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Decorating Tricks for Small Living Spaces

February 3, 2016

Apartment living comes with a host of exciting experiences, like learning to make the best of small living spaces. You may be one of the lucky ones with a spacious apartment, but for most apartment-dwellers, maximizing small spaces is a necessity. Check out these tips and tricks to make your small living space feel bigger than it really is.

Find the Right Lighting

Dim lighting and dark walls in a cramped space makes it feel smaller. Soften the lighting in a room for an expanded look. Light colors on the floor and walls will help open up a cramped space, and natural lighting will aid in accomplishing a fresh and bright look.

Add Depth

Use mirrors and metallic decorative pieces to add depth and brighten the room by reflecting light. Hanging curtains or setting carpets with vertical lines can also add depth to a room. This will help make a low ceiling feel taller or a small room feel longer.

Work Some Magic with Curtains

The right curtain in a small living space can work wonders, in a subtle way. Use curtains that are similar in color to the wall for an uninterrupted flow along the room. You can also set a curtain rod several inches above the actual window to draw the eyes up.

Down-Scale the Furniture

You won’t sacrifice the luxurious look by opting for smaller accent pieces. Using bulky or too much furniture in a small space is a surefire way to darken the area. Find minimalistic and multi-use furniture like acrylic coffee tables and storage ottomans to maximize your space.

Use Corners and Floating Storage

Place a lounge chair or a piece of greenery at the corners of your living space to distract from an ending point. Plants freshen up an area and add a bright pop of color while chairs and cushions serve as a small but comfortable reading nook.

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