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Good Mother, Good Teacher

April 27, 2016

Last month we couldn’t help but notice a blog written by Marissa Cooper and shared by TES. It struck a cord on social media and we saw many people reacting to the post, sharing the blog and tagging friends and colleagues. Marissa shares in heartbreaking detail the struggle of being a Mom AND a teacher.

The struggle is real

Being a Mother is a thankless job. Being a Teacher is a thankless job. Doing both, well, that takes a special breed. Marissa shares that she never feels like she is doing enough. She feels like a bad Mother and a bad Teacher. We wish we could put our arms around Marissa and tell her that she gets an A+ for giving everything she has and more to all those around her. There’s more we want to tell her and all those like her who are struggling through frustrated tears. Please share this with all the Mothers and Teachers you know:

1. You Are Enough

It doesn’t feel like it, and maybe it never will, but you are enough. Give yourself a break and look at all you have accomplished each day. Don’t focus on what you didn’t get to. You accomplished a tremendous amount. Students learned and children felt loved. You have given all you can give and it IS enough.

2. You Are Wonderful

It takes a very special person to continually give to those around her. Great Teachers are exhausted and stressed because they CARE. They meet the increasing demands of administration and standardized testing without sacrificing their students. They listen, they adapt, they lead, they communicate, they juggle, they teach and they mold. For all this and more, you ARE wonderful.

3. You Are Making A Difference

When you see a student who sat quietly for months raise his hand to ask a question, you know. When a parent embraces you and shows appreciation, you know. When you see the spark of understanding as a student connects real world relevance to what you are teaching in the classroom, you know. When your student asks you for a reference letter, you know. When your student returns years later and says “Thank you for believing in me.”, you know. Savor these moments and the hundreds more because you ARE making a difference and you ARE making our community and the world a better place.

Teacher Appreciation

Marissa said in her blog, “Teachers too are, by nature, givers. The desire to help others – to give something of ourselves up for their inspiration, their betterment – is at the heart of belonging in the classroom. So we find ourselves giving. And giving. And giving.”. We agree and we admire those of you who dedicate your time, energy and tears to educating the children in our community.

Please allow us to now give back to you, educators of the Rio Grande Valley, with an exclusive Teacher Appreciation offer. We want to be the place you call home, the place where you can relax and focus on yourself and your family.

We are sensitive to the fact that the future of our children is in your hands. To thank you for your service to our community, our doors are open to you and your family. We truly value your hard work and dedication to improve the quality of education in the RGV. Enjoy your downtime at Santa Anna Apartment Homes with the following amenities:

  • Close proximity to Weslaco schools
  • Pet-friendly amenities: Bark Park and Pet Washing Station
  • Residence features: outdoor cabana and fireplace
  • Spacious luxury floor-plans
  • Lifestyle and fitness facilities
  • 24-hour on-site customer service and maintenance

Luxury Apartment Living Made Easy

Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco offers a prime list of amenities for our residents to enjoy. We strive to go above and beyond exceptional apartment living with exclusive discounts for our tenants working in the educational and medical fields, as well as border patrol agents. Check out all of our amenities and samples of our floor-plans to see why Santa Anna Apartment Homes is the perfect community for you and your family. Call us today at 956.678.4444 to schedule an appointment or to inquire about one of our units.